The Raoul Wallenberg Vegan Retreat was an inclusive, affordable retreat and veganic farm offering life style change support in the majestic North Carolina mountains.  It will reopen in Florida as a 501c3 corporation offering vegan cuisine, hospitality, meeting space, art, meditation, yoga.  In addition Vegan International will apply to the United Nations as a Non Governmental Organization to work towards improving the conditions for all sentient beings and the planet.


Vegan Retreat and Vegan International  seek to make the world a better place by improving human health through education and diet change, as well as improving the changing climate conditions on the planet by discouraging meat and dairy consumption. This has social justice and prosperity for all implications, since the world’s scarce resources are squandered on the rich while the world’s poor suffer shortages, and the devastating global impact of the meat and dairy based diet.


    The retreat seeks to further world peace by promoting peace on all levels starting with showing kindness and compassion to all sentient beings. All are welcome.