"THE SEARCH FOR RAOUL WALLENBERG - THE TRUTH", by Sharon Leontine Wallenberg

This book tells a true story which reaches back over 100 years, touches on the lives of over 100,000 people, involves the governments of four countries, includes hundreds of documents, and both exposes scandals, and showcases heroism.


There are many books about Raoul Wallenberg, the Diplomat who saved 100,000 innocent lives during World War II. This one is unique. It is about all the behind the scenes activity involved in the release of the his prison records from the Soviet Union, where the idea originated, why it was important, how it was done, and the background of the impartial investigation which followed. In addition it exposes the people who tried to prevent the truth, the reasons why, who confronted them, and those who worked tirelessly on behalf of this great hero. I know because this is my story.