By Sharon L. Wallenberg


 The International Year of Biodiversity is a global alliance to protect life on Earth.  Its slogan is “Living in Harmony with Nature”. Mother Earth is endowed with Rights.


 “Indigenous people have been living the principle of sustainable development long before it became an international buzzword.  But too often their wisdom and traditional knowledge are overlooked or – worse – stolen.  The very people who have the utmost respect for biodiversity have been excluded from decisions on how to protect the natural world.”     

United Nations Deputy Secretary General, Ash-Rose Migiro


Earth teach me Caring – as Mothers nurture their young

Earth teach me Courage

Earth teach me Humility –

as blossoms are humble with beginning

Earth teach me Renewal –

as the seed that falls in Autumn rises again in Spring

Earth teach me Freedom – as the Eagle that can soar in the sky

Earth teach me Suffering - as old stones suffer with memory
Earth teach me Hope - as new life dreams of tomorrow
Earth teach me Quiet - as the grasses are still with new light
Earth teach me Patience - as my brother the Sloth has learned from experience
Earth teach me to Look Below the Surface - as beauty can lie deep within
Earth teach me to accept change - as the seasons come and go and the Earth turns
earth teach me acceptance - as the leaves that die each Fall
earth teach me to forget myself - as melted snow forgets its life
Earth teach me to Remember Kindness - as dry fields weep for rain
Earth teach me Wisdom - as the Owl taught my ancestors
Earth teach me to let go when my time has come.