How many people do you know who would never think of eating meat (and maybe dairy) but love to wear leather? Maybe you wear leather! Here are some facts to consider before you purchase your next leather article.


Slaughterhouse production lines move at breakneck speeds, so workers routinely skin and dismember fully conscious animals to produce leather. Much of the leather sold in the U.S. comes from India, where workers beat and torture tired, thirsty cattle to keep them marching endless miles to slaughter. In Asia dogs and cats are cruelly killed for their skin. They are simply labeled ‘leather” and show up in products all over the world.

What about shoes, belts, and handbags? Being leather free can be fashionable.


Products abound that are leather free. Markets respond to consumer desires, so more choices are constantly becoming available as we shop for them.  For example, there is the vegan leather free Moo Shoes, that are very popular. Payless Shoes has leather free shoes that are very popular. If your taste is designer quality, consider Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, and one of the world’s top designers. She makes designer leather free items. When I shop, I often ask salespeople if a handbag is leather . I make sure they are aware I want a cruelty-free product. Their response is always positive as they assure me no animals were hurt to make this product.


Would you wear your dog or cat? Shop compassionately!   Visit www.CowsAreCool.com for more ideas and to find everything from pleather pumps to synthetic biker jackets. Enjoy your new faux leather goods. Your friends the animals will thank you for it!